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Country: Nigeria

member since: Nov 10, 2017


Udofot Robson Umoh is a prolific and rigorous business and educational researcher. He has a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, B.Sc. in Accounting, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research. He is a business and educational research consultant. He conducts researches (both on-line and off-line) to produce original research materials that are used by students in tertiary institutions.
My experiences in researches have poised my inspiration to write so many researches on different topics and several books on research such as: The Rudiments of Business Research, Step-by-Step Guide to Education Research and Statistics, and Step-by-Step Guide to Business Research and Statistics,Entrepreneurial and Skill Development, The Cooperative Business.
Udofot Robson Umoh Uses software like SPSS, STATA, E-VIEW,spreadsheet program for data analysis.
He trains undergraduate and Post graduate students in research and data analysis.