About Us

Oyerr Marketplace is a Nigerian Freelance Platform where Services and Micro Jobs are created and paid for.
For each gig your create and complete an order for, you keep 80% of the gig charge.
Payments are sent directly to your local naira bank account or PayPal email address.

Now In a broader sense

Oyerr was launched on the 13th of  September 2017 at the Akwa Ibom State Conference Festival (StartConfest), Oyerr is a freelance online service that create avenue for buyers and sellers to meet. It allows you offer credible online services at your convenience irrespective   of your location.
       As a freelance Nigerian based service, Oyerr allows you to create small jobs called gigs from any category of your expertise.  It also allows you change for services you offer with the regards to the kind of service, the quantity of product or service and the quality of your service.
The market structure of Oyerr incorporates the activities of buyer and sellers.  The buyers are availed with option to make a request for a job, make job orders, go for shopping and make payments in the Oyerr market. On the other hand, the sellers are availed with the platform to create a job, create custom orders, views buyers request and have asses to their revenue. Sellers can make purchases too.
       The Oyerr market creates a platform for buyer and sellers to have conversation, particularly, within the period the business transaction. The conversation is under the supervision of the web administration to check fraud.
        While creating your gigs, Oyerr market allows your services to be featured on the web market, especially with images that tells a story of what you can do or offer.
        As part of the market promotion strategy, Oyerr offer you a privilege to have your job featured at the top page. This gives more competitive edge over your competitors in the market.
        All activities on the market is free with exception of the little Oyerr commission set on each gig order.
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  • Twitter: @Oyerrmarket
  • Instagram: @oyerrmarket
  • Email: oyerronline[at]gmail.com